Date: April 1, 2014 Attendance: 44

Lunch Choices: Seafood Rigatoni Pan Roasted Swordfish, Salmon, Monk Fish and Scallops, Tomato Basil Broth; Antipasti Sampler Meatballs, Tomato Fresh Mozzarella Crostini, Balsamic Greens, Proscuitto and Fontina Cheese.


Invocation: Larry Hunter

Guests: Pam Palombo


President and Meeting:

HAPPY DOLLARS: Vicky in celebration of the sun deciding to shine, winning money at the Chamber Pot event and for becoming Pete Kelly, which she said, "doesn't take much at all". Walt for raising money for a very worthy organization  ; Sue for changing her name back to Thomas which she has wanted to do for a very long time. Welcome, SUE THOMAS!; Jim Kelcourse for throwing his hat into the ring to run for State Representative; and Geri for reminding everyone about the Chef's Dinner coming up on April 29th and the need to get both red and white bottles of wine to her.




MEETING/ANNOUNCEMENTS: Cindy began the meeting with a short story about Mother Theresa. Apparently, when she arrived in Heaven she was greeted by God who welcomed her and asked if she was hungry. God then breaks out some tuna and bread. As Mother Theresa looks around she sees that everyone down in Hell is eating Filet Mignon. Puzzled, she asks God "How come?"  God says, "It's just the two of us, so who wants to cook!"


Cindy reminded everyone that the Chef's Dinner is coming up on April 29 th; that the District conference will be held on May 2 and the Coast Guard Dinner in will be held May 20th.

Angela Barnes, a Podiatrist in Newburyport, was inducted into Rotary.


Vicky, (AKA, Pete Kelly, April Fools!!!!) was the guest speaker to inform everyone about the Newburyport Literary Festival April 25, 26 and 27.The Festival will honor Andre Dubus III and feature such participants as Wally Lamb, Richard Russo, C.B. Bernard, Ann Hood and many others. Lucy Kaylin, Editor in Chief of Oprah Magazine, will chair a panel of writers discussing publishing. Local writers like Bethany Groff and Ghlee Woodworth will participate in the festival as well. Deb Szabo from Newburyport High School will do a poetry project on Sunday.  Vicky also mentioned that Newburyport had been awarded the distinction of being a Massachusetts "Cultural District". No doubt the Literary Festival had much to do with earning that award. The festival brings at least four thousand people to the shop owners in downtown Newburyport for the festival. It also means that Newburyport will be highlighted in the tourist advertising for the Commonwealth bringing thousands of tourists into the city as well!   Vicky encouraged members to contribute to the Literary Festival




Incoming president, Nick Chapman put forward his slate of officers for the coming year. They include:


President: Nicholas J. Chapman

President Elect: Deborah M. Andrews

Vice President: James M. Kelcourse

Treasurer: Lawrence R. Hunter

Secretary: Nikki Misenheimer

Sargeant-At-Arms: Louis A. Rubenfeld

Assistant Secretary: Kenneth B. Smith

By a voice vote the slate was adopted.

Raffle: Marshal Tom Howard performed the duties of the Sargeant-At-Arms in Louis' absence. He indicated that the raffle total had reached $2,906.00 with four cards left. The winning ticked # selected was #240810 held by Deborah. She pulled the two of hearts so the total will continue to grow for next week with only three cards left to choose from!!!!





Kenneth Smith
Rotary Club of Newburyport