Date:            6-24-2014                                                      Attendance:  38

Lunch Choices:  Baked Stuffed Haddock with Balsamic Greens; Pan Roasted Vegetable Pasta Primavera with Roasted Red Pepper Cream    


Invocation: Jeff delivered a heartfelt invocation thankful for Cindy’s leadership over the past year and Rotary’s ability to continue to serve the community ever better.

Guests:  Norm Jutras

Student Guests:      Casey Ross, Scholarship recipient from Triton H.S. and her mom, Caryn

Guest Speaker:      Cindy, our out-going President will make some summary remarks.

President and Meeting:

HAPPY DOLLARS:  Max expressing his satisfaction that Andiamo let him have a second plate for lunch for the first time!  Grace for her para-legal having a beautiful baby girl and for Cindy’s capable leadership over the past, most wonderful, year.  Ann for acknowledging what a lovely man David Murison was and how he will be missed.  Chris said he had 20 Happy Dollars for a successful baseball season, the naming of the auditorium at the Bresnahan School and for the outstanding leadership that Cindy provided over the past year!  Vicky praised Cindy’s leadership and in her inimitable style lauded her asserting, ‘it’s all about the jokes!’  Deb for praising Cindy for the excellent leadership that she provided during a year that seemed to go by so fast and for working with Vicky during the year.  Walt for raising $650.00 in his fundraiser.  Jeff for Cindy and the leadership she provided over the past year; for Nick and the leadership he will provide during the upcoming year and for Rotary winning the trophy again for Ringing the Bell!  Rotary garnered $8,400.00 to lead all of the other service organizations in the city and has won three of the four sides on the trophy! 

BIRTHDAYS/ANNIVERSARIES:  Nick Chapman 6-11; Walt for his Anniversary on the 21st.  Tom Howard and Norm Jutras have birthdays upcoming.


  • Cindy indicated that Russ and Sheila were absent because Sheila’s sister had just passed away.  No other information was available. 
  • Cindy presented Casey Ross with her Norman H. Russel Scholarship for academic excellence.

          Cindy spoke about her past year as President of Rotary.  She began, “Crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  But Rotary does that and succeeds!”

She reiterated her goals for the past year which were met and in most instances exceeded her expectations.  Her goals were to:

  • Engage as many people as possible in club activities
  • Increase Membership
  • Meet Foundation giving goals, increase giving to Rotary International and become a first class giving club.
  • Infuse new energy into Rotary
  • Find a new restaurant
  • Tell a joke every week

She related that all of these goals were accomplished.  There were four new Paul Harris Fellows in addition to many former Paul Harris Fellows who achieved the goal once again.  The average amount per member for giving to RI had increased distinguishing Newburyport Rotary and she was proud of that accomplishment. Membership had increased more than any other club in the district.  Andiamo has become the new luncheon home for Rotary and has provided the membership with the most delicious meals.  The enthusiasm and energy of the club is palpable.

Cindy thanked all the members of the Board and the people who worked with her to make the year such a success.  She ended her comments with one last joke!

A duck walks into a bar, jumps up on the stool and says to the bartender

“Got any grapes?”

Bartender says, “NO,” and tells the duck to get out.

Next day the duck returns, jumps up on the stool and asks the bartender

if he has any grapes.

Bartender says NO and tells the duck to GET OUT!

But the duck keeps coming in.

Finally, the Bartender tells the duck that if he asks that question one more time

He’s going to nail his beak to the bar!

Next day the duck walks in.  Hops up and says, “you got any nails?”

Bartender says, “No.

Duck says, “Got any grapes?”  


Deb also told a joke in honor of Cindy’s last day.

Seems that Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson went camping together.

Sherlock wakes him up in the middle of the night and asks him to look out

and tell him what he sees.

Watson says, “I see millions and millions of stars.”

“And what does that mean?” Sherlock asks.

Watson says it means that there must be other worlds like Earth out there

and the possibility that life exists in other parts of the universe….

Sherlock cuts him off.  “No you idiot.  Someone’s stolen our tent!”

Nick Chapman, the President elect, came to the podium.  He banged the gavel on the bell and put the transition into effect. 

Thank you Cindy for a fulfilling year.  And thank you Nick for assuming leadership for the coming year

Raffle:    Louis indicated that the raffle amount was $305.00 with 50 cards left in the pack.  Cindy pulled the winning ticket, #209989 held by none other than, Bob Keiver!  He pulled the 9 of Spades, however, so the amount will continue to build.