Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Newburyport's meeting on August 12, 2014.


Tuesday, August 12, we were at Andiamo for an excellent lunch of Pasta & Sauce with Meatballs & Sausage or Pan Roasted Shrimp served over Asparagus Parmesan Risotto. We had 28 people in attendance, guests included. Jeff Kirpas had a guest from the Saugus Club, David Carleton (also a CPA) and we had speaker Richard George and his guest Kevin Hunt also joining us.

Bob Kirsner gave the invocation, and since the kids are still enjoying their summer break, we had no student visitors.

Vickie H. kicked off the happiness with happy dollars for frogs. One frog in her hallway, one in the bath drain, one on the umbrella, and frogs eating snails. (She tells it much better.) Clare B. was happy for also eating escargot for a week on her vacation. Deb A. was happy for her daughter being home for 3 weeks from Korea, and also for the successful 250th Newburyport celebration. Cindy was happy for boating on Sunday, and for her first swim ever in the Merrimac River. Jeff B. was very happy for his 10 days in Colorado Springs, a nationwide meeting for Salvation Army and eating pie. He was also happy for the NBPT Council vote for parking out front of the Salvation Army building.

Austin S. had an announcement that there will be a multi-club golf tournament sometime in the Fall. He is looking forward to golfing with the new District. President Nick had an announcement that fellow Rotarian from the Ipswich Club, Keith Harris, will be returning from his cross country bike trip, at 1pm on Plum Island, with a welcome home party at 2pm at the Newburyport Brewing Company, and all are invited to welcome Keith home.

There were no fines nor birthdays and anniversaries.

Kevin Hunt introduced speaker Richard George who was born and raised in Cambridge, MA. He came from a big family with not a lot of money. He had four brothers and four sisters. The rule in the family was if you go into the service, you must send money home. At the time, starting pay in the Army was $60 per month. He decided to be a paratrooper and make an additional $55 per month so that he could send $60 home and keep $55. He went to KY for training with the 101st Airborne Division; the first time he was ever in a plane was the first time he jumped out of one!

Currently, he helps organize fundraisers for Veterans, but since he does not like being bogged down by committees, he started the 101st Airborne Division MA Special Events to help Veterans in all different ways. It helps homeless Veterans, and he organizes fishing trips for Veterans that departs out of Salisbury, MA. Richard resides in Newburyport, he loves the area, and he enjoys putting Vets on boats.

Please visit his website:
to learn more or help him in his cause to support Veterans.

Zach Longley had the winning ticket, however he pulled the two of diamonds out of the deck!        

As summer winds down, I invite anyone who has recently been absent over the busy summer months, (and of course regular attendees) to reconnect with their fellow club members, and enjoy great food, fellowship, and insightful presentations. See you next Tuesday!